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  • Your personal experience with dating abuse.
  • Your experience having a friend or loved one who was/is abused by their partner.
  • Your experience having a friend or loved one who was/is an abuser.
  • Why the issue of dating abuse is important to you.
  • Your ideas for how to end the problem of dating abuse.

If you would like to send an article for us to consider publishing, here are the guidelines:

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  • Authors must be between the ages of 16 and 24 and live in New York State.
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    • Age
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  • Submission must be no more than one double-spaced typed page.
  • Submissions must not include any identifying information about the author or anyone else (i.e., full name, city/town of residence, school name, etc.)
  • Submissions must not include overtly sexual, violent, or offensive language.
  • Only written submissions will be accepted.
  • Please do not submit images.
  • OPDV reserves the right to edit submissions prior to publishing.