Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence

About Respect Love, Love Respect

Respect Love, Love Respect is the name of the NYS Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence’s new dating abuse prevention efforts, including this webpage and a new page on Facebook.

In early 2011, OPDV decided to update the information on our website related to teen dating violence. We wanted to construct a section within the existing website that would contain substantive, youth-friendly content presented in a distinctly different appearance and structure from the rest of the OPDV site. We broadened the target age group to include young people ages 16-24 and renamed the topic, “Dating Abuse.”

The goals of the redesigned webpage and page on Facebook were to:

Our Slogan

We held a contest to pick our slogan. New Yorkers aged 16-24 were invited to send in their ideas. We got a lot of great suggestions! We picked our favorites and then presented them to teens and young adults across the state. The winning slogan, Respect Love, Love Respect, was submitted by a 20 year old woman from Ithaca, New York.

Our Logo

Along with the slogans, we presented different ideas for a logo to focus groups of young people around the state. We got a lot of great feedback on what worked, and what didn’t! The logo, as well as the colors we used and the layout of our webpage, came directly from the suggestions we heard in those groups.

Let Us Know

We want to hear from you how we did. Please take this short survey to let us know how you like our webpage, and how we can make it better.